• Well Tests Offshore Netherlands using 900cfm/Steam Generator Packages

• OIL heating using plate heater and coil type steam generator for production Pipe flushing on the Shetlands

• 1600 cfm air Compressor/Steam generator Packages for Well Tests West Kazakhstan

• FRAC heating projects in West Kazakhstan and Tengiz


• Sludge Heating projects using coil type steam generator in Norway

• Mud Cooling using 2 x PHE on Gaz de France, Holland

• HCL Heating in West Kazakhstan for Frac Operations using Acid Heater and Steam Generators

• Various Fluid Behavioural Trials for Mud Heating and Brine Heating in Aberdeen

• Various Frack Heating Projects in Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary using Steam Generators, Plate Heat Exchangers and Centrifugal Pumps

• Frack Heating Projects GDF Germany supplying Package consisting of 2 Boilers/2 Plate Heat Exchangers/2 Centrifugal Pumps/ Electrical Generator/4” Hoses

• Various Well Test Projects Romania, West Kazakhstan supplying Steam Generator(s)

• Frack Heating set-up D Island Offshore Kazakhstan


• 2012 Water and 15% HCL Heating in Aksay, West Kazakhstan


• Water Heating Project in West Kazakhstan using Plate Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Acid Frac Operations.

• Water Heating Projects in Poland locations Kruppe, Siennica, using Plate Heat Exchanger and 2 Steam Generators to heat 80-100 m3 Water Tanks for Frac Operations.

• Supply Steam Generator/250cfm Air Compressors during Well Tests offshore Holland (Noble George, E80, Lynda Bossler) and onshore Germany & Holland (Volkersen, Botersen, Barth, Ottoland, Nam/Schoonebeek etc).